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The market for call centres in the Philippines has been exploding in the past few years and for good reason. While some might think that outsourcing call centres results in a lack of quality or insufficient service, this doesn’t have to be the case. In many instances, outsourcing call centres to the Philippines can be a win-win situation for the businesses at home as well as the call centre employees abroad, while still maintaining a high level of service for those calling into the centres. 

At first glance, all of the benefits of call centre outsourcing, specifically to the Philippines, might not present themselves. But when you pull back the layers of effective call centre outsourcing, you’ll discover many advantages over developing a call centre in-house. First, quality call centre outsourcing companies provide a vast set of core competencies to be put to use. Many cheap call centres might not take the necessary time to provide training, provide a decent wage, and provide employees with the resources that they need to represent your company to its full extent. For a slight upcharge, you can put to work some of the most prepared, organized, and competent call centres. An example of this is PITON-Global, an industry leader specializing in high-performance customer acquisition and retention solutions.

When choosing a call centre company, you shouldn’t have to determine whether the lack of service is worth the money you’ll save, because there shouldn’t be a drop in quality. Which brings about the next point, call centre outsourcing is immensely cheaper and will save you the time, resources, and money and responsibility that comes along with the obligation to start a new call centre on home soil. This budget-easing process can also bring with it increased operating efficiencies and the ability to quickly scale up or down. Rather than worrying about whether you have the support capabilities to handle a scaling company, call centre outsourcing means that you’re worry-free and can focus on what you’re best at, developing your company and letting others handle the support. 

Ahead of asking why use call centre outsourcing, you’re likely wondering why the call centre boom is taking place in the Philippines. The reason for this is that the Philippines have a close cultural affinity to western culture and therefore are highly proficient in the English language, allowing them to communicate effectively. In fact, the best call centre outsourcing companies will work hard to recruit only the most effective communicators available. In contrast, cheaper companies might not take this additional measure and could employee unsatisfactory representatives. Furthermore, the cost of labour in the Philippines is low, and there is still a large pool of highly qualified BPO (business process outsourcing) experienced employees, along with a world-class infrastructure capable of handling high call traffic and the means to house many employees. It’s reasons like these that are drawing many UK-based businesses to outsource their call centre needs to the Philippines and, if they chose their outsourcing company carefully, are discovering pleasing results in turn. 

And for those companies who haven’t chosen their call centre outsourcing wisely, you might hear a different story, and those qualms should be addressed as well. The fact of the matter is that you often get what you pay for when it comes to contact centre outsourcing if you pay low costs, you’re going to get a low-quality result. However, this also doesn’t mean that you have to pay an arm and a leg and sacrifice your budget to land a high-quality contact centre outsourcing company. Alternatively, call centre companies such as Acquisix, are known for their ability to keep the cost to you much cheaper than starting a call centre on your own, while still delivering a contact centre that is equal or better to onshore call centres and takes the time and effort to invest in their employees, provide state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, and developing an effective workflow and training program for their employees, all while saving you money hand-over-fist. A contact centre done right will save you 50% of the cost associated with onshore call centres in the UK. These savings can be put to much better use within your company: by increasing support staff and hours in a cost-efficient manner. When your company can save money, it can better use its resources to grow and operate sustainably. It’s companies like PITON-Global that are supplementing the contact centre outsourcing boom in the Philippines through great results and satisfied customers. 

As mentioned earlier, this situation is a win-win for UK companies and the Filipino people alike. Companies like PITON-Global, an award-winning, mid-sized contact centre outsourcing company based in Manila, are providing the Philippine economy with a boost. The Philippine economy, once a straggler amongst their Asian economic counterparts, is welcoming in this new industry with open arms. This is because many young professionals in the Philippines are discovering that they can earn a great wage through contact centre outsourcing and in turn that positivity and newfound affluence is overflowing into the Filipino economy. For quantitative measure’s sake, the contact centre outsourcing industry has developed over 800 call centres, and the Philippine BPO industry is generating more than GBP 200 billion in annual revenues. Over 70% of these revenues are generated by contact centres. Talk about an economic boost! 

While outsourcing your company’s call centre needs might seem too good to be true at first, when you delve deeper and do your research, you’ll find that there are well-equipped companies that are capable of doing this in a manner that doesn’t sacrifice quality, saves you money, and even provides meaningful income to Philippine employees. Sometimes outsourcing isn’t all doom and gloom; sometimes it’s a win-win. 

Which Accounts are Best Handled by Filipino Call Centre Agents?

As the Call Centre Capital of the World, there is no doubt that call centre agents in the Philippines are well-trained and versatile. Filipinos are known for their hospitality and patience which make them perfect for customer support. You can find a lot of agents who will personally go out of their way to help you solve your problem. Their charisma is also a huge advantage for sales and marketing. Who doesn’t like a warm and jolly marketer? With their skills and competencies, you can be sure that putting up/working with a call centre in the Philippines is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. 

If you are wondering how exceptional they are, here are some accounts Filipinos are proven to be well-versed at:


Providing assistance is a no-brainer for Filipinos. When it comes to booking hotels, resorts and finding tourist attractions, you can rely on these agents to show you their extensive knowledge of the industry. They can also handle customer inquiries and complaints with utmost politeness and  professionalism. You can be sure that they are adept with updates and latest happenings in the travel industry, both local and international.


The Philippines is abundant with professionals in the medical field. In 2018, there are over a million graduates of nursing alone. A huge percentage of these professionals pursue their careers in the call centre industry. This is why healthcare accounts boast of medically-trained agents. These agents are skilled with emergency situations. From answering patients’ questions to tapping the concerned hospital department/provider, these Filipino agents are masters of handling these situations. 


Another big account in the Philippines is banking and finance. With finance, sensitive information needs to be dealt with every day. In this line of work, agents need to be keen on details, sharp and measured. Agents are also expected to multitask without compromising the quality of their work. Lastly, when a client has incurred a debt or any payment obligation, agents are tasked to remind them. Filipinos’ natural cautiousness and empathy are a good combination for this account. Filipino agents do not come off as harsh to clients which makes them more relaxed. However, their warmth must not be confused with gullibility. In the end, Filipino agents are astute and quick-witted.

To say that Filipino call centre agents are well-loved is an understatement. Their versatility and aptitude make them the most preferred agents in the global scene. Regardless of which type of account is presented, you can surely find a Filipino agent that best suits your needs.

Outsourcing Call Centres to the Philippines – How the Philippines became the #1 BPO destination in the world

Businesses need call centres to establish communication and provide excellent customer service. Poor call centre experiences can make or break a company’s reputation. Over the past few decades, the Philippines has built an outstanding track record by providing high-quality call centre services to the West, especially the US. The Philippines has become the #1 destination for business process outsourcing in the world, and there are plenty of reasons why. While most businesses are pleased with the cost-effectiveness of Philippine call centres, the drivers for success are high-quality of service, business-friendly infrastructure, and the great relationship between UK-based companies and the Philippines.

The Philippines offers a large pool of highly qualified professionals experienced with business process outsourcing and customer service. Some of the best places to work in the Philippines are call centres because of the competitive salaries and benefits offered. This attracts the best employees. While Philippino culture values hard work, these positive work environments are key for inspiring continued high-quality service. Well-equipped call centre professionals can adapt to high-pressure situations and focus on the solution. Effective service eliminates the number of times a customer must call back in order to resolve their issue. Perhaps the most common reason for customers to leave reviews of a company is whether they received good customer service. The business reputation is at stake. When outsourcing to another country, it is important to consider the setting where the call centre operates. The Philippines offers outstanding infrastructure and government support to create a business-friendly environment. A strong telecommunications network complete with cutting edge technology, information security, and phone routing are well established. The Philippines have data security laws in place to protect sensitive information. They also have the Department of Information and Communications Technology, which is dedicated to creating policies and programs to encourage the growth of call centres. Over the past few decades, the government has provided support to help grow this important economic sector.

When all is said and done, what it really comes down to is the people. Businesses that have outsourced their call centres to the Philippines have formed solid partnerships. Strong management, executives, and helpful agents go a long way to meet the demands of businesses. Perhaps the biggest hurdle to overcome is that UK-based customers fear that call centre employees might not be able to fully understand and solve their problems. The Philippines is the third-largest English-speaking population in the world, putting their English language proficiency at the top. There is also a close cultural affinity to the West, especially the UK. Call centres provide training and use best hiring practices to employ people who can establish rapport quickly to instil confidence that the caller will be well serviced.

Call centres provide crucial services that can maintain, or even improve, the reputation of a business. For many years, the Philippines has obtained a competitive edge over other countries and has been the #1 destination for business process outsourcing in the world. The future looks bright for the growing number of business partnerships between the Philippines and the West.

Call Centres Philippines – #1 Call Centre

What makes the Philippines the world’s leading call centre outsourcing destination? 

As far as voice-based services go, foreign investors from all over the world consider the Philippines the top destination for outsourcing. Not only has the Philippines taken over India as the leading call centre destination, but it is also projected that in the Philippines the industry will provide around 1.3 – 1.5 million jobs by the year 2020, with the call centre industry continuing to be the largest contributor to the economic growth of the country.

Due to its close historical ties with the U.S., the Philippines has been recorded to hold a wider range of population with an American English accent than any Asian country. But it’s more than just nice voices and great accents that make Filipinos preferred call centre workers. Filipino culture plays a big role as well. It’s the culture too. Patience and hospitality are two virtues dominant in Filipino culture, which means when it comes to customer service, Filipinos are willing to go above and beyond to accommodate requests, and meet customer needs.

Why are so many companies outsourcing their call centres to the Philippines? 

In addition to pleasant voices, accents and personalities, here are a few other reasons why companies are outsourcing their call centre needs to the Philippines:

  • Cheaper Labor Costs
    • Basic wages in the Philippines are much lower compared to other Asian countries, making labour costs the number one reason why companies choose to outsource to the Philippines.
  • High-Quality Workers
    • In addition to cheaper labour, companies also get high-quality work, as Filipinos are naturally very friendly, resourceful and hard-working.
    • As mentioned above, cultural values such as patience, hospitality, respect and politeness play a big role as well, providing an unparalleled work ethic that’s ingrained in the very essence of the people.
  • Location, Location, Location 
    • Finding a strategic location is an important part of the process when it comes to offshoring part of your business operations. The Philippines is an ideal location because it is at the heart of Asia, geographically easily accessible  
  • Fast Learners in an English-speaking country
    • In addition to being hard-working people, Filipinos are fast learners, cutting down on training time. Also, regardless of their level of education, most of the population has a strong grasp of at least basic English, making it easy to have seamless and effective communication between local and western components.
  • Highly educated people with an affinity for Western culture.
    • As a former U.S. Territory, people in the Philippines have an affinity for Western culture, and other cultures as well. Filipinos place a high value on education, and being open to and learning from other cultures is part of that. What better person to be part of your team than one who is open-minded and willing to learn, adapt and assimilate to both cultural and business culture expectations?

Whether yours is a large corporation or a small start-up, outsourcing a part of your business to the Philippines is a great way to help you focus on your core capabilities, and let someone else handle other logistics that might get in the way of progress and creativity.  Outsourcing call centres to the Philippines is not only a good idea, but it’s the way to go!