Call Centres Philippines – #1 Call Centre

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What makes the Philippines the world’s leading call centre outsourcing destination? 

As far as voice-based services go, foreign investors from all over the world consider the Philippines the top destination for outsourcing. Not only has the Philippines taken over India as the leading call centre destination, but it is also projected that in the Philippines the industry will provide around 1.3 – 1.5 million jobs by the year 2020, with the call centre industry continuing to be the largest contributor to the economic growth of the country.

Due to its close historical ties with the U.S., the Philippines has been recorded to hold a wider range of population with an American English accent than any Asian country. But it’s more than just nice voices and great accents that make Filipinos preferred call centre workers. Filipino culture plays a big role as well. It’s the culture too. Patience and hospitality are two virtues dominant in Filipino culture, which means when it comes to customer service, Filipinos are willing to go above and beyond to accommodate requests, and meet customer needs.

Why are so many companies outsourcing their call centres to the Philippines? 

In addition to pleasant voices, accents and personalities, here are a few other reasons why companies are outsourcing their call centre needs to the Philippines:

  • Cheaper Labor Costs
    • Basic wages in the Philippines are much lower compared to other Asian countries, making labour costs the number one reason why companies choose to outsource to the Philippines.
  • High-Quality Workers
    • In addition to cheaper labour, companies also get high-quality work, as Filipinos are naturally very friendly, resourceful and hard-working.
    • As mentioned above, cultural values such as patience, hospitality, respect and politeness play a big role as well, providing an unparalleled work ethic that’s ingrained in the very essence of the people.
  • Location, Location, Location 
    • Finding a strategic location is an important part of the process when it comes to offshoring part of your business operations. The Philippines is an ideal location because it is at the heart of Asia, geographically easily accessible  
  • Fast Learners in an English-speaking country
    • In addition to being hard-working people, Filipinos are fast learners, cutting down on training time. Also, regardless of their level of education, most of the population has a strong grasp of at least basic English, making it easy to have seamless and effective communication between local and western components.
  • Highly educated people with an affinity for Western culture.
    • As a former U.S. Territory, people in the Philippines have an affinity for Western culture, and other cultures as well. Filipinos place a high value on education, and being open to and learning from other cultures is part of that. What better person to be part of your team than one who is open-minded and willing to learn, adapt and assimilate to both cultural and business culture expectations?

Whether yours is a large corporation or a small start-up, outsourcing a part of your business to the Philippines is a great way to help you focus on your core capabilities, and let someone else handle other logistics that might get in the way of progress and creativity.  Outsourcing call centres to the Philippines is not only a good idea, but it’s the way to go!