Which Accounts are Best Handled by Filipino Call Centre Agents?

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As the Call Centre Capital of the World, there is no doubt that call centre agents in the Philippines are well-trained and versatile. Filipinos are known for their hospitality and patience which make them perfect for customer support. You can find a lot of agents who will personally go out of their way to help you solve your problem. Their charisma is also a huge advantage for sales and marketing. Who doesn’t like a warm and jolly marketer? With their skills and competencies, you can be sure that putting up/working with a call centre in the Philippines is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. 

If you are wondering how exceptional they are, here are some accounts Filipinos are proven to be well-versed at:


Providing assistance is a no-brainer for Filipinos. When it comes to booking hotels, resorts and finding tourist attractions, you can rely on these agents to show you their extensive knowledge of the industry. They can also handle customer inquiries and complaints with utmost politeness and  professionalism. You can be sure that they are adept with updates and latest happenings in the travel industry, both local and international.


The Philippines is abundant with professionals in the medical field. In 2018, there are over a million graduates of nursing alone. A huge percentage of these professionals pursue their careers in the call centre industry. This is why healthcare accounts boast of medically-trained agents. These agents are skilled with emergency situations. From answering patients’ questions to tapping the concerned hospital department/provider, these Filipino agents are masters of handling these situations. 


Another big account in the Philippines is banking and finance. With finance, sensitive information needs to be dealt with every day. In this line of work, agents need to be keen on details, sharp and measured. Agents are also expected to multitask without compromising the quality of their work. Lastly, when a client has incurred a debt or any payment obligation, agents are tasked to remind them. Filipinos’ natural cautiousness and empathy are a good combination for this account. Filipino agents do not come off as harsh to clients which makes them more relaxed. However, their warmth must not be confused with gullibility. In the end, Filipino agents are astute and quick-witted.

To say that Filipino call centre agents are well-loved is an understatement. Their versatility and aptitude make them the most preferred agents in the global scene. Regardless of which type of account is presented, you can surely find a Filipino agent that best suits your needs.